aconcagua summit

The highest mountain in the Americas. The highest mountain in the Western hemisphere. The highest mountain in the Southern hemisphere, The highest mountain outside Asia.

Mt Aconcagua, Argentina, stands at 22830 ft (6959m) and towers above the Andes and lies 70 miles Noth West of Mendoza.

Many climbers consider this mountain tougher than some Himalayan peaks that are over 7000m.  This is due factors including:

1.  The position South of the equator with the shape of the globe means that oxygen at a similar altitude is much lower.

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2.  Vegetation and humidity disappears at lower levels thus causing very very dry air and rocky terrain.

Whilst Kilimanjaro can be done in 7 days, this mountain needs at least 3 weeks to make for a safe and well thought climb.

There is lot’s of excitement to be endured… The famous white winds: temperatures of -35 to -40 C combined with icy winds, plus the odd electrical storm. Also with Argentina being a westernised country the kit/eqpt is all self carried, unless you can afford some very expensive porters.

An experience of a lifetime. Argentina, steak, more steak 🙂 Mendoza with it’s wine and of course the wonderful people there.  I had the greatest pleasure of being with some amazing folk to share some smiles, laughs, graons and create memories.

In total the team raised £60,000 for The Anthony Nolan Trust, helping to save lives from Leukemaia. And for that matter we greatly appreciate all the support and donors from Twitter and around the world.  Truly grateful.

One thing it did do… No signal.. No Twitter for 3 weeks.. yes.. that was a challenge.

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  1. wow i did not know that mt aconcagua stands at 22830

  2. Climb Aconcagua says:

    Hi, nice post!

    How can I contact You? Greetings

  3. TwistedSifter says:

    Wow a 3-week climb (and 3wks of no Twitter)! Congrats Paul, quite the accomplishment. How many from your team made it to the top?
    I've heard about the meat in Argentina. As a 'meatitarian', it sounds heavenly!

    Amazing you were able to raise so much money as well, looks like an incredible experience 😀

  4. Hey, cool site…love it!! ;o)

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